Five Highlights From September

7 Oct 2022

Yorkshire coast

Delving back into these ‘five highlights’ post because I’ve missed capturing the monthly good stuff. Here’s the best bits from September:

Dining al fresco - we kicked off the month with our final outside dinner of the year. My sister & her partner were visiting and, along with my parents, we had curry, samosas, onion bhajis & naans out in the garden (post baby bedtime) and chatted until darkness fell and the candle burned low.  

A holiday in Yorkshire – we spent eight nights on the Yorkshire coast, exploring Scarborough, Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay and had an excellent time. Will be delving more into it in future posts but shout out to Whitby which we unexpectedly loved. 

Garden centre trip – we met up with our friends Claire & Becca at a garden centre roughly halfway between us, which was in a very cute village with thatched cottages and a country pub. We had a lovely catch-up, walk in the countryside and collectively agreed that the garden centre was excellent. 30 going on 60. 

Extra bank holiday – we are not royalists by any means but even we could acknowledge the historic significance of the queen dying. As two very tired parents though, we were mostly grateful for an extra day off, particularly as that Sunday night was brutal. We ended up having the slowest of days including all three us of taking a nap and a very gentle walk into town and stopping off at Starbucks (rebelliously still open) for a takeaway coconut hot chocolate. 

Catching up with my girl Beth who, excitingly, has recently moved to the area to start her PhD. V excited to have her so close and looking forward to seeing what kind of chaos our two boys are going to create together in the next few years. 

And one more for luck – we found a blackberry bush at the end of our road towards the beginning of the month, full of plump little berries. So, we went a picked a couple of handfuls and they were in a crumble by teatime. Stuff like this always gives me that warm glow feeling. 

Hope you had a good month, dear reader. 


  1. Yayyyyy! Cambridge doesn’t know what’s hit it 🤣