What I'm Looking Forward To

26 Feb 2021

What I'm Looking Forward To

Hugs. Allll the hugs. Trips to the seaside. Dressing up for date night. The smell of cinema popcorn. Visiting my dad, and squishing the cats. The first sip of something cold in a sunny beer garden. A crowded room with no anxiety. ‘Just popping round.’ Unexplored cities. Holidays. Squishing my sister, my friends, my friend’s pets. Leaving the house for a reason other than ‘a walk’. Inviting people over. The freedom to see people without double checking rules and masks and distance. Pub food. Getting on a train. Browsing shops. Writing in a cafĂ©. Wedding speeches. Sipping cocktails. Barbeques. Spontaneity. The ability to plan ahead. Weekends away. Staying in someone’s house. Bonfire night. Picnics. Sharing food. A haircut. Restaurant menus. A drink poured by someone else. Hopeful feelings. Varied days. Appreciating every little thing more than ever before.


  1. Thanks for sharing what your looking forward to, mine are similar, spending time with my nephews :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes