The January Highlights

31 Jan 2021

January highlights

Congratulations lads, we survived approximately 8482 days of January. February feels like progress: one step closer to moving out of lockdown, one step closer to brighter weather, one step closer to seeing people again…

The utility room – as you may have already read, we are currently renovating our utility room. I say ‘we’ – Gary is the one actually doing the labour and having a battle with the plumbing. I sort of just tell him what I want, make cake and occasionally have my face sprayed with water… it’s sort of a team effort. I’m excited to have it finished, both so that we can actually start using the room properly 18 months after moving in and Gary can have a break from swearing at the piping. 

That brief moment it snowed – I mean, sure, it didn’t really settle where we are but for that afternoon where soft, heavy snowflakes were drifting past the window, I was here for it. 

Belated Christmas presents – Not for one single second am I happy about the fact that all our Christmas plans were thrown into disarray at the last minute and I couldn’t see my family at Christmas for the first time in my life but I gotta admit, parcels full of Christmas presents arriving on miserable January weekdays has been a small silver lining. 

The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser – This was an unexpected Christmas present and oh my it’s a game changer. I’m not sure I can ever drink any other hot chocolate again because nothing will compare. 

January highlights

Watching/Reading/Listening: The Serpent is a bit of a slow burner but we are now invested; like everyone else, I am loving Jenna Coleman’s outfits. Also, Taylor Swift released a SECOND surprise album and it has been on continuously for the past few weeks. Loved reading Supper Club by Lara Williams - check out my book reviews from this month here

A belly full of food: new recipes tried, tested & recommended in Jan include – charred leek lasagne, whiskey and rye blondies & red wine sausage pasta from Midnight Chicken, tandoori chicken & sausage casserole from The Roasting Tin Around The World, Deliciously Ella’s vegan chocolate orange cookies, Nigella’s old-fashioned sandwich loaf & The Mother Cooker's kale pesto

Show and tell: This jumper is the warmest, cosiest thing I have ever bought. I came downstairs wearing it and Gary told me I looked like a teddy bear. I’ll take it. 

Tiny, happy moments

Freshly baked, still-steaming bread 

Phone calls with loved ones whilst walking in the sunshine 

Wednesday nights with two hours of Love It or List It and Grand Designs ahead 

The Greatest Showman soundtrack booming whilst tackling the inbox 

Gavin & Stacey reruns

The first sip of wine on a Friday night 

Hilarious videos from the internet providing daily giggles

A taste of Spring in the air 

Hope you are safe, happy and – most importantly – not losing the damn plot wherever you are dear reader. Lockdown is tough but keep looking for the light on the horizon. 


  1. Thanks for sharing you January highlights, I have not had that many myself as it all ended in tears for me this month, I hope February brings some me some better luck :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

    1. Sorry to hear that, hope you have a better February :)