The November Highlights

2 Dec 2020

November highlights

Ah Lockdown 2.0. Just like last time only with less novelty, less patience, less sunshiny walks. Yeaaaah, the less we linger on it, the better I say. Needless to say, this will probably be a short one which is ironic given this month lasted approx. 2000 years.  

Out & About

We had a couple of riverside walks complete with takeaway hot chocolate but otherwise: nowhere. No one. NADA. 

Watching / Reading /Listening 

I mean, it’s gotta be The Crown right? I practically had a count down to 15 November, I was so excited. And oh my what a series. The shots, the fashion, the acting; it really is like the most decadent soap opera. Even with attempts not to binge, we’d polished off 10 episodes in less than a week. And so now the wait begins again. 

A belly full of food

Reader, I bought a pasta machine. We made ravioli. It was delicious

Show & Tell 

This is somewhat niche but the Waitrose freesia & pear bubble bath smells exactly like the Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia perfume, which is what I wore on my wedding day and one of my favourite smells. Only the bubble bath costs three quid. 

Told you it was niche. It’s been a long lockdown. 

Tiny, happy moments 

It’s rather a large moment but bloody hell, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the US elections. FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS. 

In tiny, happy moments closer to home, I caught a gorgeous sunset when I nipped out for my daily walk the other day. I hadn’t managed to get out before 4 and was a bit down about the fact that I’d barely seen any daylight – but I was magically rewarded for it.