Little Festive Things To Do At Home

3 Dec 2020

Festive Things To Do At Home

I made the mistake of reading through a couple of old blog posts from this time of year. Full of Christmas markets and pubs and friends and all the London lights. Man we didn’t know how lucky we had it did we?

Lockdown lifted yesterday but the majority of us are just being thrown into another version of it and it’s even more depressing in December. In order to keep things magical and sparkly and not descend into a Scrooge-like grump because what the hell was this year, our tree went up at the weekend and I’ve had Christmas music on repeat. I’ve also made myself a bucket-list of little festive things that I can do mostly at home throughout December to keep me feeling joyful despite all the restrictions in place. 

So, aside from playing Christmas tunes loudly and gazing at the tree twinkling in the corner, here’s the little festive things I’m going to be doing throughout the final month of the year: 

Open the advent calendar

A chocolate with breakfast every morning, what joy 

Delve into the under-the-tree chocolate tin

We’ve gone for Lindor this year and I’m not sure they are going to last very long…

Light a Christmas candle

Yankee Christmas Cookie is my fave at this time of year. 

Bake festive goodies

It’s not December without Christmas-themed baking! Chocolate orange cookies, gingerbread, something with cinnamon… The house is gonna smell divine

Go Christmas shopping

Whilst we will be limiting what we do out and about ahead of seeing family over Christmas, we are going to head into Cambridge early December for lunch and Christmas shopping. Am hoping Cambridge is looking all cute and festive, and I will be all excited because I’m out the damn house

Write Christmas cards

It’ll be nice to handwrite messages to people I’ve not seen much this year. 

Cook a mini Christmas dinner

Because there should never just be the one Christmas dinner during December. 

Make a Festive sandwich

With the leftovers from the Christmas dinner!

Make/buy a festive hot chocolate

If it’s not topped with a pile of cream and marshmallows, it’s not right. 

Have a cheeky Baileys

Or two… or three… 

Add the 2020 decorations to the tree

We buy a new decoration each every year and we’ve just ordered some very-2020 ones from Etsy. Excited for them to arrive so we can add them to the tree as a nod to this bizarre year. 

Read a Christmas book

“T’was the night before Christmas…” 

Have the first mince pie of the year

I always hold out for Gary’s homemade ones. 

Have a bath with a Christmas bath bomb from Lush

All the scents, all the sparkles.

Pick some charities to give to over the festive season

Tis the season to be kind & generous. 

Paint nails a festive colour

I’m thinking sparkly ruby red and sparkly emerald green.

Try the Tony’s Chocolonely festive chocolate

Milk gingerbread or dark mint candy cane?

Don the Christmas jumper 


Make a festive cocktail 

I might save this one for New Year – the Christmas BBC good food magazine had a whole section on festive cocktails to make at home! 

Watch some Christmas films, old & new

On my oldie list this year: Home Alone, The Polar Express, Arthur Christmas

On my newbie list: The Prom, Last Christmas, Happiest Season. GIVE ME ALL THE CHEESINESS.

Wrap presents for family & friends

Whilst listening to Christmas music to really make you feel like a festive elf. 

Go see the neighbourhood Christmas lights

One of the things that makes me feel the most Christmassy – I like doing it both at home and wherever I’m staying over Christmas – and it’s totally free/safe. 

Put up the family Christmas tree

A family tradition that we’re holding out until Christmas Eve this year thanks to restrictions. But it will make the night before Christmas even more of a festive joy. 


It’s been a hell of a year but knowing we’ve got a few days with immediate family over the festive period is what I’m living for right now.