Five Highlights From April & May

31 May 2020

Highlights from April & May

Two months of lockdown later…

As we enter week 11 of lockdown and rapidly approach the half way point of 2020, I’ve kinda hit the point where I decide that this year is a write off. It ain’t happening girl, take cover and let it do its thing. We’ll go again in 2021. In the meantime, I’m filling all the classic lockdown clich├ęs: I’ve made sourdough, I’ve allowed Gary to cut my hair, I’ve got Zoom fatigue and I’ve used the phrase ‘groundhog day’ a lot. 

A few highlights from the past couple of months: 

When life gives you rhubarb… make stuff with rhubarb in it? The previous owners of our house clearly liked to grow rhubarb because there has been an explosion of enormous leaves out in the garden, despite little to no maintenance on our part. Naturally, we’ve pulled it up and so far I’ve made two rhubarb crumbles and a rhubarb & custard cake and there’s something quite wholesome about it all. 

Real life hoomans: the loosening of lockdown rules has meant I’ve been able to see a couple of family members and cor, it’s exciting to remember there are other people out there right? 

Baked blossoms: I managed to get my hands on a bunch of baked blossoms from The Happy Blossoms and they are honestly just the most colourful, sunshiney bunch of happiness. I’ve put them in our bedroom and am hoping they last for as long as possible because they make me smile every time I see them. 

Fortnightly pub quizzes: not something I would have ever imagined making it onto my highlight list once upon a time but, hey, it’s 2020: we do quizzes now. Having a fortnightly date with my girls has definitely been a silver lining of lockdown. 

A slower pace: when I’m not worrying about the impending sense of doom that seems to be 2020, I realise that I’m sinking into the slower pace of life that has been forced upon me. I don’t want to be that person and, hell, there’s a lot that I miss right now but I’ve also realised that the slower pace is doing me some good and am starting to wonder about what changes need to become permanent once life returns to normal…. Whenever the hell that is. 


  1. Glad you had a good April & May even though we have been in lockdown :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes