Five Highlights From March

10 Apr 2020

Five Highlights From March


If you told me when I was writing February’s highlights that by the time I sat down to write March’s, the entire country would be in lockdown, I’d have probably looked at you like you were high. 

So here we are, trapped in a real life dystopian novel. How are you?  

Trying to find five highlights for the last month has been trickier than usual but I’m giving a go because focusing on the positives feels essential right now. Needless to say, highlights that include other people obviously took place at the beginning of the month when life was still relatively normal and social distancing measures had yet to come into place. Which was roughly 3561 days ago…

Afternoon tea with Alice – the last friend I saw before shit hit the fan, Alice came over for a day trip and I showed her the highlights of Ely (er my house, afternoon tea & a walk through some fields). It was great to catch up and half way through our walk, we saw the most fabulous rainbow stretching across the sky. 

Dad’s 60th birthday – literally the last in-person social engagement I had before social distancing stepped in, my dad and Elizabeth came to visit and we celebrated his 60th birthday. If I’d know that was going to be my last visit to a restaurant/pub for a long time, I’d have probably drunk more wine.

The sunshine – whilst I appreciate the irony of the dreamy weather arriving just at the point where we can’t be hotfooting it to the beach/park/pub garden, I still am loving those blue skies right now. I feel like it does wonders for the mood. 

Baking – in my defence, I used baking as a bit of an outlet before the pandemic but, yes, like a quarantine cliché, I have also baked banana bread. And banana muffins. And lemon cake. And bread. And cookies. And cornflake flapjack. Seriously, I am marginally out of control. Hit me up if you have flour. 

House – Gary announced this morning that we only have two boxes left in the house. Woah. It feels like we have suddenly turned a corner house-wise and we have hit the point I have been fantasising about for months – just adding the finishing touches. Whilst I had imagined we would celebrate the end to DIY-heavy weekends by having a social-and-travel-heavy few months, I am extremely appreciative of having our lovely house to hunker down in right now. 

Hope you are all keeping safe and well x