Five Highlights From September

6 Oct 2019

Five Highlights From September

2019 has been one hell of a year and, thanks to house renovations occupying approx. 75% of our mental space, it doesn’t really feel like it’s letting up much despite the wedding, honeymoon and house move now firmly behind us. I’ve done my best to document the Big Events of this year (read about the wedding here, buying a house here and there's some honeymoon stuff starting to trickle in over here) but there hasn’t been much time for documenting the little things which are usually one of the best reasons to keep this little online diary going. Re-reading old posts and remembering the little details otherwise forgotten. So I’m going to try and get back to documenting the little stuff. I like to think these ‘highlights’ posts (somewhat of a reinvention of the ‘Little Gems’ for the long-time readers) will be monthly but yeah, don’t hold me to that. I’m also hoping to add a few photo diaries here and there for the days where memories were made but there’s not necessarily mountains to say other than ‘this was nice and I want to remember it’. 

Anyway, here’s five highlights from September, a month which disappeared alarmingly fast. We started it in Kent, visiting Gary’s family and friends, and finished it in Devon where we used up the remainder of our annual leave trying to catch up on sleep. 

Knocking a wall down. A weird highlight to start with I guess, but this is adulting eh? We’re renovating the master bedroom in our house which has so far involved taking out the old hot water tank and a bad built-in wardrobe and then knocking the wall down (I didn’t do any of this obvs, just paid the plumber and brought cake to Gary and my step-dad). It was messy and took the entire weekend but felt like we were finally started on the actual ‘work’ on the house. Now to pick out skirting board – don’t be jel of my exotic lifestyle. 

Pizza catch-ups. After what felt like an age without catching up with pals, I had two post-work pizza dates in September. Beth and I hit up Home Slice (a new one for me – highly recommend) so I could question her on the whole growing-a-baby (no you’re excited) thing and then Ele and I had a lil catch up in Franco Manco with some aperol spritz and sourdough joy. 

The Testaments. Oh em gee, I could not wait to get my hands on Margaret Attwood’s new instalment of Gilead’s world and it did not disappoint. I raced through it and, controversially, might have enjoyed it more than The Handmaid’s Tale? 

Autumn leaves. Whilst not quite in full swing yet, September has started to tease at Autumn and I have greatly enjoyed playing ‘spot-the-golden-leaves’. Excited for the explosion of colour coming our way now that October has arrived.  

Devon. Like I said above, we finished September/started October with a week in Devon which was mostly spent sleeping, eating and reading. It was a welcome break and I’d say just what the doctor ordered although I did come away with a mammoth cold. Why does it always strike the moment you take time off eh?

And now for the final three months of the year. I’m such a bloody cliché, but how is it going so fast?!