A (Re)Introduction

29 Jul 2019

A (Re)Introduction

I suppose I should have probably written one of these posts back when I started blogging which was, ooo four years ago? Better late than never eh? With a new house, a new area, a blog re-fresh and that all-round 'new start' feeling, it also felt fitting to (re)introduce myself properly. 

So, yes, hello, I'm Kate. Glad you've stumbled across this corner of the internet - did you bring snacks? I'm 27, a food obsessive with a love for being behind a camera, watching crime dramas and sticking my nose in a book. I’m always on the lookout for the next travel adventure, cheeseboard and photo opportunity.

I started this blog in 2015 just as I was starting to find my feet again after leaving university and having zero clue as to what to do next. I was trying to get back to my creative side and so decided to teach myself to be a better cook whilst blogging about it. This slice of the internet has evolved a lot since then but I’m still here, documenting my life and figuring out my thoughts and ideas in my little online scrapbook. I have always been a writer at heart and telling stories is my thing – this blog is the stories from my life. 

I am also incapable of writing anything that brief so if you want to know more, do read on. 


I was born in Sheffield but have lived down south since I was 9. Don’t ask me if I’m a northerner or southerner because it’s confusing. I spent my later childhood and teenage years in Bedfordshire, went to university in Bath and have spent the last 3 years in St Albans, a small city in the home counties with cobbled streets and an enormous cathedral. We rented a flat with a spiral staircase and spent rather a lot of time in the local pubs (of which there were many). We moved there a year into our relationship and left just after getting married; it’s got a special place in my heart.  

Very recently, we decided to buy a house and have relocated to Ely in Cambridgeshire pretty much on the basis of sticking a pin in a map and saying ‘that place looks cute’. It’s an even smaller city but still with cobbled streets and an enormous cathedral. Are ya sensing a theme? We’ve swapped our tiny flat for a four-bed house and our monthly rent for a 20+ year mortgage. I’m hoping this new city and house is where we will settle and, overtime, will become home. We do need to knock down a wall or two first though… 

G is for Gary 

You may find a lot of blog posts mentioning a ‘G’. G is for Gary, who is the fella I married in June 2019. I started this blog very early on in our relationship and was deliberately being a bit vague about this new guy in my life – but given he’s now married me, I think it’s safe to say he’s sticking around. Being a married homeowner at 27 still takes me by surprise but sometimes you fall for the data analyst in the office and that’s the way it goes – I wouldn’t have it any other way, even when he is talking about spreadsheets. Gary is of the practical, sporty, numbery variety whereas I’m more of the sentimental, sit-on-the-sofa, wordy type; and yet we work really well. Probably because we both love pubs so much. 


Whilst I am a bit of a home bird, I get itchy feet if I stay there too long. You could say I ‘suffer’ from wanderlust and I always want to see more. But then again, who doesn’t these days? My favourite places include New York City, the Nordic countries & Scotland. I recently went to Yosemite National Park which totally blew my mind and I will always, always have a soft spot for Greek islands. 


I work for a London-based company as a Project Manager which involves, well, project managing. Project managing medical stuff. I like my job but what really makes my heart happy is writing. I have a degree in Creative Writing and I’ll try my hand at anything, although have long since learned I should probably stay clear of poetry. I’m always writing a novel but scripts and short stories are also frequent haunts. One day, I’ll get my act together and share some of these here. One day. 

Anything else? 

I’d quite happily live off pizza and pasta. I adore cats but am allergic to them which is a horribly cruel twist of fate. Gary says I buy too many bags and shoes – dunno what he means. I am incapable of operating without a list. Sunsets make me weak at the knees. I’m an optimist unless I’m feeling anxious in which case the world is ending. I get edgy if the temperatures go above 25c. I like colourful things. The best travel souvenirs are always the photos. I love a good boxset. My drink order is either a sauvignon blanc or a Malibu & coke – make of that what you will. I have a compulsive need to document memories. My favourite season is Autumn. I really don’t understand why people would put raisins in cookies.