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8 Apr 2019

Just Popping In To Say Hi

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Hello, hi, it me. How we doing lads?

I’m currently in Suffolk sat in the living area of – wait for it – a windmill! I mean, a converted windmill obvs. I feel an actual windmill wouldn’t be that comfy to sleep in. It’s G’s birthday weekend and I’ve surprised him with a trip (he didn’t know where we were going until this morning). He is currently driving over from work and I’ve just spent the past hour and a half having a nosy around the local area. Can report that Woodbridge, Suffolk is very cute. Lots of pastel houses. In front of me is a glass of wine, sour cream&chive dip and some rather sexy chilli & nacho cheese tortilla chips.

I am relishing the silence. And being away. And the chips-dip-wine combo. Basically just digging this entire set-up.

It has been ages since I just rambled away to the page without much thought or direction and even longer since I’ve had the time to do so.

So last night, G and I went to view a house! Because apparently planning a wedding and our America trip just wasn’t enough for us to be getting on with. We think we want to go back for a second viewing so that’s kinda exciting. The house hunt has officially commenced! I’m sure at some point I will go into further details about the whole experience and where we’re moving to but right now, I don’t have much space in my head for anything but wedding/houses.

The past few months have turned into a funny ol’ time really. G and I are right on the brink of big changes which is hugely exciting but also weirdly unsettling. Everything is about to change and yet day-to-day life looks just how it always did. It’s like living in a constant state of anticipation but nothing happening and has left me feeling like I can’t relax a lot of the time.

And, lol, woe is me. I have no sympathy for me either, dw. I’m just acknowledging that, cor, it would be nice to just have a second where it didn’t feel like my brain was whirring at a million miles an hour.

ANYWAY, I plan on totally switching off for the next few days and it will, hopefully, be glorious.

See ya!

P.S. Yes it took me approx. 4 days to actually hit publish on this post. See what I mean about there not being space in my head?

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