Spring Cleaning With Fantastic Services

11 Mar 2019

Fantastic Services


My week has started well. Guys, the flat is clean! And not just whizzed-the-hoover-round clean but CLEAN CLEAN. I'd go so far as to say cleaner than when we moved in. I can practically see my reflection in the super shiny sink and I can assure you, that has never happened before.

Tell me I'm not the only one who never achieves a sparkling bathroom? It's almost as if I'm only making a half arsed effort or summin'. Hands up okay: I could use this post to talk about how I live a busy life and never have time to clean but the truth of the matter is, yes I am busy, but I also just bloody hate cleaning. It's boring, grosses me out and I could always think of approx eight million other things I would rather do with my free time. Like eating Camembert or browsing holidays to New Zealand (latest travel obsession). But I don't actually want to live in squalor, funnily enough.

Fantastic Services

The answer? Fantastic Services.

So Fantastic Services is the one-stop shop for all home services. You name it, they do it. You can see a full list of services on their website but it includes cleaning, gardening, pest control and landscaping. Their cleaning service includes a regular cleaning service, one-off deep cleaning, upholstery, windows, guttering, end-of-tenancy, holiday rentals... honestly, the list goes on.

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to try out their one-off cleaning service. Just after lunch, a team of three arrived at my flat after keeping me updated with their arrival time via text. There's no parking nearby so they had to carry all their equipment from the car but that didn't stop them being really friendly and cheerful. They asked if I wanted a room prioritising (and I practically begged them to sort out our bathroom) and then they cracked on, leaving me to get back to work.

They blitzed the entire flat and I was so impressed by how thorough they were. They really 'gave it some welly' as my mum would say. Everything was scrubbed within an inch of its life. The floor was mopped, the bins were emptied and the upholstery hoovered. I watched them pull up all the sofa cushions to hoover underneath and tried to remember the last time we had done that (and then hid because didn't want to see what was lurking under there). I genuinely can't get over how white and shiny my bathroom looks right now - perfect for the brighter change in seasons.

Fantastic Services are mainly based in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Oxford but are currently expanding their services - check out their area coverage here. St Albans folk - see what they offer in our little city here. These guys are there for any household jobs you may need doing, from cleaning to plumbing to fitting your blinds. Also, they have a super cute Instagram page - check it out here.

I was kindly gifted this cleaning service but all opinions my own. 

Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services