A Therapeutic Weekend In Lancaster

9 Mar 2019

Visiting Lancaster

I’ve been in a weird mood recently. A contradictory combination of wanting time to hurry up (I might be a bit bored of planning a wedding now) and also - I guess you could say - freaking out about the future both playing on my mind in an anxious sort of way. So that’s a jolly hoot.

And also why I really needed this weekend in Lancaster. I mean, I didn’t need Lancaster specifically, more the people there. Although Lancaster was also v nice.

So last weekend, I ran away from work slightly earlier than I should have done to buy fruit pastilles at Euston station and then to hop on a train up north. It’s a sign of how much I wanted to see my girls that I willingly got on a pendolino train again. You’ll be pleased to know, thanks to drugs and sea-bands, we did not have a repeat of last time’s disastrous experience.

I hopped in a taxi at Lancaster station and within five minutes was at my friend Ele’s house where her ridiculously fluffy cat, an enormous cheese board and hugs from my gals were there to greet me.

It’s funny how you don’t realise you need something until it’s happening. This, unfortunately, seems to happen to me a lot. I feel I have a long way to go before I am in tune with myself enough to know exactly what my brain needs at any one time. At this time, my brain needed my gals, a lot of talking, good food and the joy of discovering a new place.

Visiting Lancaster

I really liked Lancaster. It was full of cobbles, history and cute cafes and we all know that is my kind of place. The freakish February blue skies vanished as March arrived but I liked seeing Lancaster on a cloudy day; it was much easier to envision the depth of history with dulled weather. It made everything more atmospheric and feel like exactly the kind of place that once held the most famous witch trials in English history.

We ate proper wholesome food (is there anything more comforting than a fish finger sandwich? I think not.) including some epic hot chocolates. I tried a white one – jury is still out but I think I would still prefer a milk; soz white hot choc of dreams. We browsed the shops in the way you can only do when not remotely limited on time. I snapped photos of pretty buildings. We sat in the bay window of a pub, deliberately tucking ourselves away in the quiet area. We talked, talked and talked some more, and I left for home feeling lighter and more content.

Ele had a sign up in her kitchen that said ‘friends: cheaper than psychiatry’… or something of that ilk and yeah, that sums it up perfectly.

Visiting Lancaster

Visiting Lancaster

Visiting Lancaster


  1. Lancaster looks beautiful! Happy to hear you had a great weekend with your friends. Sometimes, it's nice to get away from your familiar surroundings!