Life Lately: Autumn Edition

7 Nov 2018

Life Lately: Autumn

I woke up this morning to what I am referring to as the case of the mysterious noise. There has now been three or four occasions where we have been woken up by this mysterious noise. I thought it was some odd-sounding alarm. G thought it was an odd-sounding bird. Now we’re both confused. It’s an alarm that only goes off around dawn. But a bird call that sounds strangely alarm-like. A robotic bird perhaps? Oh and it also sounds like a wolf whistle. A pervy robotic bird.

I want to actually get up one morning and go and find out what the hell it is. But let’s face it, me heading outside at 6am is about as likely as it actually being a pervy robotic bird.

Shall I call this blog post The Case of the Pervy Robotic Bird? 


Life Lately: Autumn

Life Lately: Autumn

Life Lately: Autumn

A wonderful thing about our flat being surrounded by trees is that I am always acutely aware of the changing seasons. In the last few weeks, I have been able to watch the trees erupt into oranges and yellows almost in slow motion. The conkers came and went, the heating went on, my knits came out of storage and, of course, my camera roll filled up of shoes-in-leaves shots.

And just like that; there’s only two months until Christmas. This has crept up on me so quickly that I’m feeling a tad discombobulated (what a fabulous word) about it. I haven’t even thought about Christmas presents; someone send me some great ideas so I can crack on with shopping yeah?

Ffs, I just realised that we are, in fact, one week into November so it is actually only 6 weeks until Christmas. Is this what getting old is; time speeding by at an alarming rate?

Life Lately: Autumn

Life Lately: Autumn

Life Lately: Autumn

Life Lately: Autumn

Two things that suddenly become a regular feature of my life at this time of year:

Camembert and cranberry sandwiches. Toasted of course. With good-quality, French, slightly smelly camembert (seriously, Tesco’s-own is surprisingly bland). They make me feel all cosy and Christmassy and I immediately feel the need to eat them when the leaves start to turn.

Hot chocolate. Bailey’s hot chocolate on Bonfire night (might have gone overboard and basically just made hot bailey’s). Milky hot chocolate made on the stove at home. Festive-themed flavoured hot chocolates that sprout up in every coffee chain at the beginning of November.

ALTHOUGH. This year, the costa menu (one which I am always unashamedly excited about) doesn’t have a mint hot chocolate. NO. MINT. HOT. CHOCOLATE.

Thank you for your concern. I’m trying to be brave but it has been a tough time for all involved.

Tbf, there is an orange hot chocolate. The lord taketh, the lord giveth….

Am currently also loving Sunday-night Doctor Who episodes, weekend cinema trips, my new Next slippers and getting lost in a fantasy novel – have just discovered the Nevermoor series and am a big fan.

I’m just enjoying a bit of down time at the moment; savouring the season, embracing routine and thoroughly enjoying empty weekends (it’s doing wonders for my novel-productivity).

Next up: festivities! Brb, gonna go advent calendar shopping.

Life Lately: Autumn


  1. Hot chocolate is the best thing ever. Great blog post.

    1. It's all I want to drink at this time of year! Thank you :)