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22 May 2016

24 hours in Canterbury

You don’t need to go to the other side of the world to experience that ‘getting away’ feeling that’s so good for the soul.

It always amazes me how incredible this little island that we call the UK is. It’s so easy to be dismissive of the country you are born in, tossing it aside for the other wonders of the world, not really considering that you’re living right on top of a wonder. We all need to start paying attention. Who needs to pay all the money and use up tons of annual leave when there’s so much of the UK to be explored, all within a weekend?

This trip emerged out of one of those nights where you get so comfy in a pub, that it looks like you’re probs gonna move in and never stop drinking that glass of wine. You know the sort. Where you put the world to rights, get progressively drunker and finish off with the hideous realisation that you have somehow got to get yourself home with that unnerving feeling that you may have forgotten how to use your legs. Our trip to Canterbury was one of those ideas that emerged as you start inhaling wine from the bottle; one of those ideas where you’re so convinced it’s going to happen, you dramatically declare that you’re putting it in your diary, only to have forgotten about it by morning.

Cept this time, we didn’t forget about it. We booked it. Look at us adulting.

This was one of those weekends I didn’t realise I so desperately needed until I was actually there. Sometimes, you don’t realise you need to step out of real life for a bit. I was with people who haven’t actually been in my life very long at all yet I’m already sharing my deepest darkest secrets with. The time you buried the body under the patio; that kinda thing. These guys are the real deal.

So, yes, we went for a mini-weekend in Canterbury. 24 hours to be exact. The weather was so glooooorious and we had a faaaaab time.

A few pics!

Picnicking by the river because summer has finally showed her pretty face.

We stayed in the cutest little guest house with creaky wooden floors and really sweet, homely touches. For £35 for the night, it was a proper bargain (I think; I'm so adjusted to London prices, I'm never sure any more).

We climbed Dane John Mound, a former Roman cemetery, in search of a good view.

Canterbury cathedral is an impressive sight, although it costs £12 per person to go in which we learnt the hard way! Though we also learned on the inside that it costs £13 per minute to maintain!

Canterbury seemed to have something pretty on every corner, including a pub garden which we stopped off in for a cheeky drink in the sun (have you noticed everything is cheeky these days?).

First ice cream of the summer!

We sampled a bit of Canterbury's night life in the evening and I went clubbing for the first time in a year because, with the right people, dancing until your feet swell is just the best (not for your feet obvs).

The morning after the night before!

These blueberry, banana and almond buckweat pancakes from Kitch Cafe were a life-saver for the hangover on Sunday morning!

Thanks for being such a great host Canterbury!

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