Dear 2015,

7 Jan 2016

2015 recap

It has been a week now since you left us and I wanted to say goodbye properly. I’m not sure you really heard me as I yelled goodbye whilst dancing around, swinging a glass of prosecco over my head.

Just a couple of things...
Let’s start with the second time I ever stayed over my boyfriend’s house... I’m not entirely sure what you were trying to achieve but I could have done without the food poisoning. Me throwing up in the middle of the night was something we could have shared at a later date. Just saying.

I miss my cat. Was she really doing anyone any harm? Unimpressed.

But, I suppose, otherwise... not too shabby. Actually, you were one of the best. Don’t make me say it again, it’ll get awkward.

Thanks for the travels; all those incredible new places you allowed me to share with someone special. Thanks for the great music and for the times I laughed so much it hurt. Thanks for the good food, good wine and good cooking. Just food in general really.

Thanks for the awesome new people, in particular, the minion-loving blonde. Seriously, good move there. She’s the best. Although, I can only assume pairing me up with a work colleague who is as ridiculous as I am means that you really weren't bothered about me having a successful career. Although that might have something to do with me I suppose...

And, most of all, thanks for that kiss in a cold train station on a dark night in January. Good work.