Little gems

29 Jun 2015

    Watching the sunset on a Friday night at Frank's, Peckham. 

Little things that have made me smile in recent days: 

Quote: ‘Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart’ – A.A. Milne. Perfectly sums up my entire reasoning behind this blog (more on that soon). 

Song: ‘Are You With Me’ – Lost Frequencies. This simple little song has been looping round my iPod and brain for the past week now. I'm a tad addicted. 

2) Park days. It’s finally warm enough for them! Pack a picnic, grab your book and set up camp for the day. Can’t beat a nap in the sun and a Mr Whippy.

3) Peter Kay’s Car Share. Huge thanks to my Dad for bringing this beauty to my attention. I mostly watched this on the train and was THAT person laughing embarrassingly loud on their own. The programme is based around John and Kayleigh who work at the same supermarket and partake in the new ‘car share scheme’. It’s such a simple concept with well-observed, hilarious results. Watch out for things said on the radio and Peter Kay’s facial expressions. Absolute gem.

4) Custard doughnuts. What a marvellous invention. I don't quite understand why people prefer jam but apparently that makes me the weird one... 

5) This story created a warm, fuzzy feeling...

6) Roof top bar. My boyfriend has mentioned this place about once a week since January and it more than lived up to expectations. After an extremely stressful day at work, it was near-perfect to sink three glasses of rosé and watch the most glorious sunset over the London skyline. I took far too many pictures as per usual, but I’ve sampled my favourite above. I would seriously recommend this place. Don’t be put off when you start walking into a multi-storey car park; you are in the right place (unless you get to the top and there’s no bar, then it’s just a deserted car park and you probably shouldn’t loiter…) and it totally adds to the charm, as does the random artwork on the level below. And, no matter how warm it is when you go, remember to take a jacket. Once the sun has gone down, that wind gets a tad chilly!

7) JK announcing things! Quite frankly, any announcement from JK Rowling equals an exciting day and she's been full of them recently... Hooray for the latest Coromoran Strike and Harry Potter-themed plays *collapses in excitement*

8) This article got me chuckling. My favourite part was the discussion over cats. Like the author, I feel a furry, purring little creature adds to the home. Not sure my boyfriend agrees. It could easily be a serious issue in the future…

9) The office nurse came to my little corner of the office and promptly told me that I was sitting all wrong. She made me stand up, assessed my height, replaced my chair twice and then made me stand and sit on the new chair four times before she was happy with the readjustments (my desk is tucked round a corner meaning my colleagues couldn't see the nurse but could see me repeatedly standing up and down... I'm pretty sure they thought I was partaking in some strange, solidarity game of musical chairs...). Whilst I feel strangely upright and a small part of me misses being slumped so far down my chair that my chin practically touches my desk, I actually feel a lot comfier and healthier...

10) I’m finally blogging! It’s been a long time coming... Stick around to watch it kick off and thanks for reading!