Recent Happy Things | September Edition

4 Oct 2023


Wasn’t September a lovely halfway house between summer and autumn? And then, almost poetically, October came and there’s been gloom and rain, I’ve lit several candles and we’re discussing Christmas. You know I’m loving it. 

Talking about the importance of the little things in this post got me thinking about how I used to regularly note down all the day-to-day loveliness and it’s really nice to have those memories to look back on. So, here’s a few from the last month, remind me to keep at it. 

Saturday morning routines – we got into a lovely little routine on September Saturdays which involved going out for cinnamon buns at our favourite bakery first thing, soaking in the market and then taking Alfie to either the little soft play area in town, or to the park, before taking him home for his favourite lunch (baked beans all day, every day). 

Swimming – similarly, we established a semi-regular Sunday morning routine of swimming. This is the first time we’ve consistently taken Alfie swimming and he loves it! So many giggles as we go up and down the pool batting an inflatable ball about. 

Joining a writing group – sort of by accident if I’m honest, because I got chatting to a woman also called Kate, also a writer, in a café and then there was someone else called Kate and suddenly we were browsing the bookshop and I was persuaded to come join the local writer’s group. You kinda had to be there. It is very nice to have people to discuss a shared interest, particularly when it is often quite an isolated hobby. 




Book event – Jürgen Krauss of Bake Off is touring with his new cookbook German Baking, and I had a very nice solo evening out to go to one of his events hosted by my local bookshop. I ate cake, picked up a copy of his book and listened to a lot of likeminded people talk about different types of flour. It was excellent, and a great way to kick off a new Bake Off season. 

The best day in London with my sister – this was actually the first time I have left Alfie where I haven’t been on a deadline to get back to feed/do bedtime and it was MARVELLOUS. For 12 hours, I could be entirely adult and entirely free of parenting duties. My sister and I had so much fun talking for England, bookshop hopping and wedding planning. Just the best. 

How was your September dear reader?