New Year, New Baby

12 Feb 2022

New Year, New Baby

Sitting down to write a blog post feels like something from another lifetime right now and yet wow yes, hello, this is a comforting familiarity. Except of course, I’m not ‘sitting down’ to type at my laptop as usual; it’s 4am and I’m typing one-handed in the notes on my phone. The other hand is trapped under a sleeping baby who is stretched out across my belly like a purring cat. Am currently debating whether I risk trying to move him back to his cot before circulation in my left arm is cut off completely. I feel life with a baby would be even more challenging if I lost an arm but equally… he’s asleep. Priorities ya know? 

So yes, had a baby. I know. Feels bloody wild. 

Our little munchkin made his grand entrance over the Christmas period and since then we have been consumed by the emotional rollercoaster that is life with a newborn baby. We’re trying to minimise his face appearing on the internet for the time being so you will just have to take my word for it when I say that is he is very, very cute (not that I’m biased in the slightest…). You know me and my incessant need to document everything so no doubt there will be further blog posts about the remainder of my pregnancy, a very memorable Christmas and these intense newborn days but for my first blog post of the year, we’ve got a bit of looking back / ahead to be doing. Quite frankly, I feel off kilter if I don’t do this at the start of each year (ignore the fact it’s February - everything takes longer to do right now). 

It still blows my mind that in 2021 I grew an entire human so it surprises me that I don’t feel like I have much to say about last year. Whilst it was ultimately life changing for us, by the time lockdown had lifted and I’d emerged out of the fog that was the first part of pregnancy, half the year was already over. Aside from growing a baby, my parents moving to be near us was a massive highlight, as was getting a proper holiday and renovating our garden. But one of the main things to stand out was the slow return of all those little days of joy that we lost during lockdown; weddings and weekends, beach trips and date nights, cafes and bookshops. I hope all these things are here to stay and we no longer have to live with the anxiety of uncertainty. 

We are still adjusting to what life looks like with a baby so currently don’t have grand plans for 2022 but here’s five things I’m looking forward to this year: 

Good health - it’s still a novelty to not have chronic heartburn, to not have to wee every five minutes and to be out of the worst of the post-birth recovery phase. I feel lighter when moving. Admittedly my strength is at an all time low what with that post-birth core and several weeks of mostly being sofa-bound under a feeding baby but I’m hoping that once we start getting into more of a rhythm, I can start fitting some pilates and longer walks into the day. 

Feeling a bit more myself - can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying no longer being in maternity leggings! After two years of lockdowns and pregnancy, you could say I have felt discombobulated with my own body and how to dress it. Whilst I am going to do a bit of shopping because suddenly everything needs to be breastfeeding-friendly, I also want to put a conscious effort into shopping my own wardrobe. I’m hoping I’ll slowly get back into feeling myself, or at least this new version of myself. 

To watch bubba grow - he literally changes everyday and it’s going to be mind-blowing how much he will have changed by the end of the year. These first few weeks have been tough but I’m always trying to remember that he will never be this little again and enjoy the everyday joys. I can’t wait for the milestones, the firsts and watching him meet the world. 

Creative moments - it’s only in hindsight that I realise how much my creativity was dampened during pregnancy. I’m not sure if it was the huge physical or hormonal changes but things just weren’t sparking in the same way. Since having the little one, despite the huge adjustment, sleep deprivation, birth recovery etc, I feel like the desire to do all the things that make my heart sing has stopped dozing and started stretching its legs. I’m looking forward to the reading, writing, baking & photographing that I can squeeze in during feeds, nap times and whenever else I get a moment! 

To enjoy a gentle maternity leave - I’m lucky to have the whole year off work and I’m determined to make the most of it in a gentle fashion. To enjoy our first year as a family of three. I’m excited to finally have the time and freedom to get well acquainted with the area we moved to two years ago. Thanks to a generous gift from my parents, we are now National Trust members so we are hoping to start making the most of that shortly. I’m looking forward to time with loved ones, celebrating my 30th, days spent on the beach, in the garden and pottering around town, day trips, perhaps our first family holiday and plenty of little joyous day-to-day moments in this unique year.

Hope 2022 is treating you well dear reader.