Hello September

9 Sept 2021

Hello September

Ello ello dear reader, hope you are well. It is officially September which means, as will come as a surprise to no one, that I have jumped into Autumn mode with both feet. I’m trying to ignore the random heatwave that we seem to be in and am gleefully hunting out the first signs of golden leaves, googling the return date of Bake Off and shopping for autumnal scented candles. I just can’t help myself. 

Summer seems to have passed in a bit of a blur of long overdue weekends with friends and family, garden renovations and weddings. Finally emerging out of the weird haziness of the first half of pregnancy still feels like a novelty and being back to near-normal levels of energy for the past few weeks has not gone unnoticed every morning. Having said that, I have such a desire to slow down now we’ve reached September. My usual back-to-school vibes are on steroids when combined with pregnancy hormones and the desire to organise the heck out of everything is very, very real. The baby currently kicking around my belly button region will be with us before the year is out and I would like to spend these final handful of months feeling cosy, organised and, most importantly, as rested as possible (at least as much as I can when my bladder/boobs/heartburn like to wake me up several times a night). We’re limiting plans to what has already been booked which should hopefully leave us with a good few weekends to hunker down at home and prepare for bubba’s arrival. 

Which is needed because I do not feel prepared; I doubt it’s possible to ever feel prepared about something so life changing but I imagine at least trying to vaguely prepare oneself for childbirth is probably a good idea. So, over the next few months, you’ll probably find me wrapped in a blanket, burning candles and watching Bake Off… with a bit of baby clothes shopping and hypnobirthing on the side. 

Enjoy your September!