The Letterbox Food You Need In Your Belly

11 Apr 2021

Letterbox food

Tomorrow is going to be a good day lads. The bookshop opens. The pub opens. Whether I have time to get in either of them, because I stupidly did not take the day off, remains to be seen but that’s not the point. It’s a new week and I will have the option to browse bookshops and drink in pubs again. We’re on the up.  

Before I celebrate the return of eating out though, I just want to give a little thanks to the letterbox food that has provided much needed salvation on birthdays, celebrations and dull Thursday nights during lockdown. These have been my faves:

Crème cookies 

Sending a box of these beauties does seem to now be the default Christmas/birthday gift between my friend and I, and I ain’t mad about it. We’ve loved them ever since we first visited the store and several boxes have been sent since that point. These huge, gooey cookies are just the best, they come in a gorgeous pink box and you have to order at least 6 in one go… shame... 

Pasta Evangelists 

Fresh pasta through the letterbox? With fancy sauces? What’s not to love? We bought a box for my birthday and I can confirm, it was delicious. Have so far resisted making it a regular subscription…

Franco Manca Pizza In The Post


One of my easy London catch-up-after-work restaurants, I have really missed those cheap sourdough pizzas in lockdown. I finally cracked and bought their letterbox kit for a random Friday night and, whilst not quite as good as in the restaurant, it was still very tasty and easy to make. 

Dishoom Bacon Naan Roll Kit 

You’re probably familiar with the famous Dishoom bacon naan roll but if not – bacon & cream cheese in a naan bread with chilli jam. Sounds slightly random, tastes bloody delicious. So easy to make at home and brings that going-out-for-brunch vibe back to a Saturday morning. 

Rick Stein At-Home Food Boxes 

This was one of my birthday presents for Gary and if you’re looking for something for a special occasion (or just fancy splashing out) at home, then I would recommend. It was about as close to the fancy-restaurant vibe as you’re going to get whilst still being at the kitchen table. We ordered the steak box which was so good but they do veggie and fish boxes as well, and they are all 3 courses. 

The Pudding Stop Letterbox Brownies 

One of our favourites when we lived in St Albans, I feel like I’ve been waiting for them to start doing letterbox brownies since I left. With a choice of chocolate brownie, salted caramel & peanut butter brownie, butterscotch blondie, raspberry & white chocolate blondie, caramel slice or rocky road, all in a letterbox-friendly box, these are a great gift to send someone (cough yourself cough). 


  1. Thanks for sharing, I have seen the pasta and the dishdoom boxes, which all look amazing to try :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes