The October Highlights

2 Nov 2020

October Highlights

 Alright, I admit it. This is hard to write. I feel bleak. The world feels bleak. I’m not sure how much more bad news I can take, both personally and via the news. Another lockdown looms, we’ve cancelled another holiday (why do all my holidays seem to fall the week after a lockdown is announced?) and even the prospect of Christmas isn’t giving me the usual happy feels because none of us know what the heck is going on.

So yeah. That’s where we’re at. But I’m gonna try and squeeze out the little joys from the last month anyway, in the hope it makes me feel marginally better. 

Out & About 

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of the last few weeks wandering around my local bookshop (which, incidentally, is one of the best bookshops) like some kind of comfort blanket. We’ve also had chance to see a handful of friends and family, have a little date night at the pub and a lovely Sunday roast in rural Norfolk where there was an abundance of conker trees. I’m already mourning the loss of these little things. 

Watching / Reading / Listening

Roadkill on the BBC was very good this month, and we’re also re-watching Shetland because it feels like the time for a moody crime drama. 

The long-anticipated third book in the Nevermoor series came out in October and I devoured it immediately. That series is just magical joy and the perfect book to escape into. 

A belly full of food 

We’ve recently starting buying weekly cakes from our local Lemon Tree Deli. They are all handmade and just so good! Their white chocolate & biscoff cookie is something else

Show & Tell 

Big shout out to Books That Matter; a book subscription service I’ve recently signed up to. Each monthly box contains a book by female authorship and at least 3 themed gifts by independent female creatives. I loved my first box this month and am already excited for my second to arrive in the next week or two. Also their Instagram is a joyous place to be. 

Tiny, happy moments

Conker hunting on our mini trip to Norfolk; there were too many conker trees not to! 

Hope you’re okay, wherever you’re reading this. Stay safe and sane(ish)! 

October Highlights


  1. Thanks for sharing your October highlights, seems to have been a busy month :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes