The September Highlights

13 Oct 2020

September Highlights

Do you feel it? It’s in the air; the crisp feeling, the smell of woodsmoke… the golden season is rolling in. Normally I’d be excited at this time of year but, well, 2020 init? This isn’t the post to dwell on the sense of impending doom currently floating about so I’m not going to. September mostly felt like a last hurrah for summer and the temporary grant of sort-of freedom; here’s the good stuff! 

Out & About

Keen to squeeze every last drop out of the last of the summer, our weekends have been pretty busy in September so it’s difficult to just pick one thing: adventures included a day at the beach, a day trip to London and a mini break in Cambridge plus a cheeky pub lunch and a couple of ice creams to round up the warm weather. Check out all our photos here. Summer is well and truly out my system now; HEY AUTUMN.

Watching / Reading / Listening

I seem to be having a cooking show moment and am loving Jamie’s Keep Cooking, Nadiya Bakes and, of course, Bake Off. They are all so soothing. At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I have to mention Des which was very good if extremely creepy. Whilst I don’t think he’s ever given a bad one, David Tennant’s performance was particularly noteworthy.

And on the subject of crime drama, Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith was my favourite book this month. My favourite of the Strike series so far even if, at 944 pages, my wrist needed physio afterwards. 

A belly full of food

This was the month I learned a very easy method of making Portuguese custard tarts at home and oh my what an exciting moment it was. Buttery, nutmeggy and, of course, custardy… so good! Grab yourself some puff pastry and Nadiya’s new cookbook and get going. 

Show & Tell

I finally bit the bullet and bought some Lucy & Yak dungarees having perused their website on the regular for ages. They are absolutely worth the investment; beautiful colour and material, so comfortable and sustainable! 

Tiny, happy moments

When we spent the day on Brancaster beach in Norfolk, the sun shining across the huge sprawling beach combined with hundreds of kite surfers made for the most beautiful of scenes. 

September Highlights