The August Highlights

4 Sept 2020

August highlights

Hello friend, how are we? It’s bloody September, can you believe?! So much of this strange, strange year feels repetitive and therefore time has slipped away somewhat. A small part of me does still feel like she’s in March waiting to crack on with the rest of the year. 

Those of you who know me / have been around these parts for a while will know that Autumn is my absolute fave. I am a bit of a seasons whore to be honest – I love them all – but Autumn always just edges up to the top of the list for me. I love the temperatures gently cooling, the return of my jeans, the golden leaves, the back-to-school buzz in the air. I feel like I’m emerging from a lazy summer’s night with the urge to organise, create and bake. I guess I’m my most me like in Autumn.  

Whilst we’re still really in the tail end of summer, September always gets me hyped up for the golden months ahead. I’ll be finally hitting a work deadline that I’ve been building up to all summer and I’m excited for work to feel less all-consuming and getting stuck in to a creative spell. 

So, in the spirit of newness, I’m switching up the format of these highlights posts slightly. Of course, they are still absolutely about celebrating the small things, just a little more focused. Read on, you’ll get the idea! 

Out & About

August was probably my busiest month since before lockdown! In between the crazy work schedule, we had friends (and Mango the lab) come visit us, I went up north to visit my dad for the first time since March, we went glamping in Norfolk (more on that soon) and we had a lil mini break in the Cotswolds to coincide with my best friend’s wedding. I have missed weddings. It was a double honour to be his best wo-man and actually get to be there, given all the guest restrictions on weddings at the mo. 

Watching / Reading / Listening 

I got a year’s free subscription to Apple TV when I got a new phone this month and I can confirm that The Morning Show is absolutely worth the hype. A popular breakfast news programme in Manhattan deals with a sexual misconduct scandal – Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon are so good. Also on Apple TV – Greyhound with Tom Hanks was way better than I imagined. Sort of a day-in-the-life of a navy commander during The Battle of the Atlantic in World War II. I’d recommend. 

A belly full of food 

We all know I am going to be the worst at picking just one food-related highlight to tell you about so I’ll start as I mean to go on. The summer pavlova at my pal’s wedding was delightful (and beautiful) with the incredibly tasty vegetable tagine (with coconut rice) served as the main coming in at a close second. Some of the best food I’ve had at a wedding. Also shout out to the warm treacle tart & clotted cream I had in a Cotswold pub. 

Show & Tell

Gary and I have been huge fans of Rock Rose Gin since we did our North Coast 500 road trip. We now order in gin by post from Scotland (I know, we’re those people) and I was really quite excited when I discovered that they are now doing refillable gin pouches. You can refill your empty beautiful gin bottle and then literally just pop the pouch straight back in the post, no envelope, where it will go back to the distillery for recycling! 

Tiny, happy moments

Star gazing whilst glamping in rural Norfolk. We were sat by a bonfire wrapped in blankets and the sky was bursting with stars; it was beautiful. 

Cotswold wedding

Cotswold wedding

Rock Rose Gin

How's your month been?


  1. Thanks for sharing what you have been doing this last month :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes