Five Highlights From January

9 Feb 2020

Five Highlights From January

Well what do you know – we’re already a month into 2020. As I write this, I’m feeling a little rough after a really busy week (including a major signal failure which saw me spending most of Wednesday evening attempting to battle trains so I could actually get home) and blasting out Taylor Swift’s new, unexpected, song after spending the last couple of hours watching Miss Americana. It gave me feels, tis all I’m saying. I love Taylor.

I know January is long and dark and cold, but it was a pretty good one at this end, full of good people and good food.

For the love of pasta (and crepes). After six months apart, Alice and I met up for an outrageously overdue catch up one Friday afternoon; we took a wander around Borough Market, ate pasta at the v popular Padella, walked along the river and ate dreamy crepes at Crème de la Crepe in Covent Garden. A joy. 

Giggles in ballpool bars. As I wrote about here, Dan and I took a trip to ballpool bar and it was pure child-like giddiness. Would highly recommend should you be in the need for some cheering up. 

Our first Sunday roast in Ely. We had yet to try a local roast, we needed to get out the house; enter: roast dinner at Poet’s House which was a goodun. It was nice to spend time together and not be doing DIY (although admittedly the main conversation topic was coat and shoe storage – fail). 

A day trip to Norfolk. Technically this happened on 1 Feb but my blog, my creative licence. My rents were having a weekend in Norfolk and we drove over to join them for an afternoon of tea, windswept walks and a fancy dinner. Perfect for blowing away the cobwebs.

Feeling calmer. The clock striking into a new year shouldn’t have such an effect, after all nothing changes, but sometimes it forces you to reset a bit and I’ve surprisingly really enjoyed January because I’ve felt so much calmer and less frazzled. More of this please.