London Eats | Dinerama

17 Dec 2015

It's a dark alley but there's sparkling stars. It's a dingy ski cabin, but there's colourful cocktails. It's a wet Thursday night but there's finally money in the bank. So my friend, B, and I have headed to Dinerama in Shoreditch; the ultimate street food feast.

There's the Shoreditch feel going on, with the mismatch of buildings and corrugated iron paired with fairy lights but, hey, even if you don't have the hipster vibes, go with it. The food is worth it.

But first, we're having a drink upstairs. There's two bars, one with a carpeted floor and a snazzy bar and one with a ski cabin feel, stripped back to basics with flickering candles and wooden benches. We choose the latter, mainly because the overpriced cocktails are a quid cheaper than next door.  Despite their price and plastic cups, the cocktails are excellent and we settle down for an hour of nattering and fruity alcohol.

Next up, we head back downstairs to the food hall which has a charming, rustic vibe. The walls are lined with food stalls and long tables & stools fill the middle of the room.

For starters, we decide to try Yum Buns for the first time. They're a slightly bizarre sight; soft steamed buns that are so white and fluffy, I feel like I'm about to eat a pillow. But filled with crispy duck and roasted pork belly, deliciousness and weirdness become a great combination. Give them a go!

Next up is main course and I go for a Fundi pizza, which is great fun because I get to watch them make it there and then. I watch the dough stretched out, ingredients slide on, everything fly through the wood-powered pizza oven and am presented with a melt-in-your-mouth pizza. It disappears alarmingly fast.

And finally, dessert. Without a doubt, my favourite food of the night. We decided to share a pot of You Doughnut! Doughnut balls covered in cinnamon sugar, warm salted caramel sauce and pecans. We snaffled these down like we hadn't eaten in weeks; they were so incredible.

If you do fancy a trip, prepare yourself for some serious drooling. But, it's okay, everyone's doing it.

Get down quick, as this weekend is the last weekend it's open. Save yourself £3 by arriving before 7pm. Opens again in the summer.


  1. Love your descriptions - if I were rich I'd pay you to blog 😋